Who should take Budapest Segway Tour?

Explorers, Outdoor Lovers, Friends, Family, and everyday people too! Our  tours are designed for anyone that loves exploring great neighborhoods while hearing interesting stories about the history and culture that make Budapest a world class city. We have so many tours to choose from including ones appropriate to explore unique neighborhoods, Budapest nightlife, , and kid-friendly side to Budapest.

What should i bring on the trip? What to wear?

Please wear comfortable outfit appropriate for a current season. In winter, we recommend wearing warm clothes with multiple layers. Make sure to wear warm, closed top shoes, and in case you need, we have gloves, hats and ponchos available for all of our guests.

Since the segway has a front pack, and you’ll be able to bring a small bag which you can store there on your tour. Otherwise feel free to bring a backpack with you, which is fine to carry with you on the tour, or store it for free in our office.

We’ll also provide you a helmet(s).

We also recommend you to bring your camera or smartphone with you, and we will need one participant of your group to bring any sort of valid document (ID, Driving licence, passport)

How many people do you take on tour?

Our max. group size for Segway Tours is 7-10 people per tour. It is the perfect number for most of our Segway tours as safety & comfort is our #1 priority.  For families with children, we do private tours. 

In case your group is larger than 10, we will split your group into 2 separate groups.

What is the activity involved?

Segway-ing is definitely easier than walking. The tour pace is just right for everyone. The tour frequently stops as our tour guides explain Budapest’s history & facts, as well as photo opportunities and a optional coffee break. We make sure that each of our guests feels comfortable, and we can always optimise the tour pace or duration. 

What should i expect from Budapest Tour Hub?

Expect the very best.  Our staff takes great pride in being the best in their field.  So we don’t skimp on any of the details.  All of our tours are different and they all go in various directions from downtown.  Our staff has spent a lot of time and energy making sure that we bring the very best of Budapest to you on our tours.  So each route is carefully detailed and every story is crafted to perfection to make sure you come away with the best Budapest experience possible.

Is it safe to ride Segway in Budapest?

Yes. Our top priority at Budapest Tour Hub is our guests’ safety. We have designed each of our tours to avoid major through fares and car traffic as much as possible. Budapest is very bike & Segway friendly, so you will ride mostly on bike paths,  In addition, prior to each tour we have a safety training with our guides to make sure you understand the not only traffic rules and regulations but also best practices when riding to follow throughout your tour. We also require that each guest that we take on our tour wears a safety helmet.

Am I required to sign a waiver?

All of our guests are required to sign a waiver before they depart on the tour. If you have members of your party that are under 18, you will include them on your waiver and sign on their behalf.

Is there any age limit to ride a Segway/Scooter?

For a person to be able to ride a Segway independently, Minimum age is 10 years and 30Kg of bodyweight.

For children younger than 10 years or less than 30Kgs of bodyweight, please contact us beforehand to arrange a solution (there are many).

U18 needs parent guidance.

Maximum age is 80 years.

In which languages do you offer your tours?

We offer our Segway tours (aside from English) in multiple other languages such as German, French, Spanish or Arabic. Feel free to contact us beforehand to arrange the best option for you.

What is the best tour for me?

If you’re new to Budapest, check out the Classic Tour. If you want to see something less touristy, but rich in modern history, the Midtown Tour is the one for you. For something unique and special, check out the Night Tour or a Private Tour, which is best for families with children under 10 years of age.

What is your cancellation policy?

No need to worry.  If there is an unforeseen change in your schedule you can cancel your tour with a 72-hour notice.  .

Segway tours are offered year-round and during winter months, we adjust the tours to the guests’ comfort with every tour making multiple stops to warm up, get quick coffee break and more. Tours do run rain or shine and you should always dress appropriately for the day’s weather conditions.  Please note that Budapest lays on a huge area, so when there is a weather prediction, it probably won’t affect us. We provide free ponchos on our Segway Tours when the weather requires and in case of being uncomfortable, the tour stops for a coffee break until the shower passes, while the time spent inside doesn’t count as a tour time.  In the rare event that a tour is canceled due to extreme weather, we will allow you to reschedule your tour (subject to availability) or offer a full refund.

There is a minimum number of people needed for our tours to go out.  Although solo customers can always sign up and join our tours, we do require at least two participants for any of our Segway tours to go out.  If we do not meet or exceed that number within 2 hours of tour time you might be contacted and could be asked to either reschedule, be offered a Gift Certificate for future tour, or cancel all together (with full refund).

Are tours offered in a bad weather?

It’s always a beautiful day at Budapest Tour Hub and we strongly suggest you dress for the weather, preferably in layers.  We run most of our tours in any type of weather.  Our .We keep a close watch on the sky and we may decide to start a tour a little late or might cancel all together.  In the rare occurrence that we cancel a tour due to weather we’ll offer you a substitute tour at a different time or day, or offer a full refund for your missed tour.  We do provide ponchos if there happens to be a brief shower while out on the tour.  Just remember to always dress for the weather :

We are a big group and wondering if you offer discounts.

Absolutely! If you have a group of more than 6 people, please send us an e-mail at bptourhub@gmail.com and we will arrange it.

What types of private tours do you accomodate?

We accommodate all sorts of groups.  We have performed an incredible experience many times over for Girl Scout troops, Boy scouts, bachelor and bachelorette parties, school groups, family reunions, college alumni rides, sorority and fraternity mixers, seniors, bike clubs, corporate retreats, teambuilding outings and countless others.  Because of the diversity of our tour selection, we can cater our tours to any type of group.  Email us or give us a call.

I just completed my reservation. Should i print out the confirmation and bring it with me?

Our reservations and its system is fully integrated, thus we will not require require a printed confirmation. However, if you’d like to print it and bring it with you, feel free to do so ????

I've submitted the booking form / sent inquiries, but no response. Anything wrong?

There may be cases that you or your Mail Box Provider may be using a “spam” filter that inadvertently blocks the email sent from our address. We always reply to your booking & inquiries as soon as possible, but latest within 24 hours  (including Saturday and Sunday). If you experience any delay or have not received any reply, please check your Junk folder first. If you still can not find our e-mail, could you kindly let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you !