The 7 Best Waterparks in Budapest that gets Everyone Kicking


Escape the seething summer sun in Budapest by plunging through meandering hoops and various waterslides in these 7 mesmerizingly best waterparks around Budapest.

The best waterparks in Budapest pack a punch of waterslides and pools for an exhilarating time out under the sizzling summer sun.  Everyone can find boatloads of fun in these locations, from children to adults across all ages. Whether you’re waterslide aficionado or you just want to test the waters, you’ll leave these waterparks with incredible feelings and memories. And you won’t blow a hole in your pocket as you splash into the pools, as these Budapest amusement parks are also pocket-friendly. Here’s our picks for the best waterparks in Budapest.

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Best for: adults with kids

A trip to this park transports you to the ancient Inca world through an exhilarating series of waterslides. Also, the location often plays host to night pool and foam parties lit up by displays of fireworks, LED, UV face and body painting, exotic dancers, and lots more.

The waterslides here might not be extreme, but they’re intricate enough to get you pumping with adrenaline. Some of the most rattling attractions here include a gigantic 17-meter high slide and a 180-meter long mountain river nestled between steep rocks. The wave pool can generate massive torrents.

The resort is flanked by a hotel that offers snugly rooms for those who want to revel in the water fun for as many days in the summer.

From: $21.26, Aquaworld, Budapest, Íves út 16, 1044 Hungary,



Best for: forward planners

This is one of the best locations around town where you can plunge through the hoops of water slides in a warm, vibrant, and relaxing atmosphere. With over 26 slides sprawled across some 11 hectares of land, the park pulls in hordes of visitors during opening hours. It’s also a great place to have fun while you socialize because it’s nestled in-between the Hungaroring racecourse and Pest’s border.

The water-slide series is an exhilarating combination of a six-track race slide, free-fall slide, black hole, lazy river, and some nine pools dotted across the park. Indeed, Aquaréna ticks all the boxes for a waterpark that’s ideal for everyone, from kids to adults, andrenaline junkies and easy-going people.

From €24. Address: Aquarena Water Theme Park, Mogyoród 2146, Vízipark út 1.


Dagály Baths

Best for: kids

Since its introduction in 1948, Dagály Baths has always been a go-to water park with state-of-the-art facilities in Budapest. In 1970, when the center was remodeled with the thermal waters from the largest public pool in the city redirected into it, Dagály’s offerings were extended to cater to medical needs. 

Today, the facility boasts healthcare services like thermal baths, underwater jet massage, medical massage, foot massage, aroma massage, and sauna3. However, its main attraction still remains its rich collection of waterpark setups, which includes an adventure pool, wave pool, lazy river, water cannon, children’s pool.

Want to enjoy more sport’s adventures? Dagály Baths also has a number of sports arenas, including a beach volleyball field, streetball court, and tennis field. Other exciting offerings for children at Dagály Baths include a designated children’s pool, the whirling corridor, geysers, splashing sunbathing, and a whirlpool.

Address: 1138 Budapest, Népfürdő u. 36.

From 8 EUR (2700 HUF). Dagály Baths, 1138 Budapest, Népfürdő u. 36.


Csepel Bath

Best for: eco-maniacs

Nestled above the percolating undercurrents of Csespel Island, Csepel bath provides the best natural thermal bath experience in Budapest. The park, nearly seven decades old, is filled with an amazing number of thermal baths that skirt around waterslides.

You’ll find a natural thermal pool suitable for everyone set up both indoors and outdoors.  The venue also serves up live football entertainment, having a football pitch. Visitors can also treat themselves to culinary thrills with the venue’s buffet program.

From 5€. Address: Csepel Bath, 1213 Budapest, Hollandi út 14.


Inside Palatinus Bath, situated in the heart of Margaret Island | ©


Best for: fast water slides, families with children, the ones looking for a waterpark in the city centre, outdoor pool lovers

With a mammoth capacity that can house over 20,000 people, and aging close to a century, Palatinus pool stands tall as a must-see attraction on Margaret Island. It also scores excellently in terms of everything that makes for a great waterpark, including thermal pools, wave pools, and a massive range of waterslides.

The indoor thermal pools will enchant you with their heart-warming temperatures and glorious frescoes etched on the underside of the main hall’s ceiling.

The wave pools are on the outside, and their waves are introduced every hour with a ringing bell. Perhaps its most outstanding water fun feature is its range of towering slides.

The slides, which are some of the tallest in the City that send you plunging with the fuller force of gravity, include types like the kamikaze, the Magic Tunnel, the Turbo, and the Anaconda.

Address: Palatinus Bath and Aquapark, Margitsziget, Budapest 1138, district XIII.

Ticket Price: Adult tickets range between 2400-2800 forints (8-9 euros, weekends are more expensive), children under 14 and seniors pay a bit less.

Romai Bath

Best for: Roman history buffs

Couched under tree-shades between the hangouts of the Romai part and the Ronaifurdo ferryboat stop, this Romanesque-themed park features a massive combination of water fun amenities. The area is believed to have served up the main water supply for the Romans in the 2nd and 3rd centuries, with the remains of an ancient settlement called Aquincum are kept in the Aquincum Museum there today.

The remodeled Romai bath was open in 1964, with that layout still preserved up till today, though the building has been renovated many times since then. The venue now boasts a wide collection of large waterslides, refreshing neck showers, nourishing saunas and steam cabins, an exciting bubble bath, children’s pools, and several other pools.

Address: 1031 Budapest, Rozgonyi Piroska utca 2.

Tickets for adults (locker use): workdays (for all day) 2 500 HUF, weekends-holidays: 2 800 HUF
Discount afternoon ticket ( from 16.00 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday):


Széchenyi Spa

The largest public pool in Budapest 

With a humongous collection of over 21 pools, Széchenyi Spa was built to serve as the go-to waterpark for singles, couples, and families of all sizes. It’s riddled with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, thermal pools, and waterslides. The thermal pools are sourced from a 76 °C natural spring water splurging from depths of 1246 m. The baths come with a stunning architecture that dates back over a century. The location also features wellness centers to help you take home more health benefits.

Address: Állatkerti Körút 11., City Park, district XIV.

Ticket prices:

All-day ticket with cabin use: on workdays: 6 000 HUF, on weekends-holidays: 6 200 HUF.

5 Tips for Anyone to Have the Best Experience at Waterparks in Budapest

Set expectations

You and your kids can easily get carried away by the trills of the waterslides, you might end up thinking of nothing else than wriggling through slides over and over again.

It’s prudent to set expectations before you and your kids even step foot inside the park.


This will save you lots of trouble as time wears on. For one, you’ll be able to keep to your budget, and also leave when you ought to, and even the kids won’t give you a hard time when its time to leave.

Also, if you or any of your family members have any health conditions that require special care, you’ll be able to prevent them from exposure to health risks by setting expectations.

Be prepared to go with the crowd


Crowd awaits the lazy river to function again | © Steven D./Yelp

Many waterparks open only during peak periods like the thick of the summer.

That means you’ll most likely be hanging out with a crowd when visiting the best waterparks in Budapest. You should be prepared to deal with the crowd and avoid any inconveniences that might arise due to that.

Get there early to find a parking lot much closer and to also enjoy the space with fewer people and lower temperatures. And since you’re there to have fun, try to get along with everyone and make fun of everything.

Come with food and water if you can

Although most waterparks also sell food and drinks for refreshment, you’d want to avoid some of the long queues that form in their cafeterias. If you intend to hang around the park for long hours, it’s advisable, not to mention more cost-effective, to bring a lunch backpack with full course meals, snacks, and drinks for everyone.

Store your phone, jewelry, and money either in a waterproof case or a locker


It’s better if you don’t bring along any valuables that are susceptible to water to the waterpark. But if you can’t leave your phone, credit cards, jewelry, and other accessories at home, then you should plan to keep them in a waterproof case or a locker at waterpark. Don’t leave them in the car! Bring them with you inside the arena in the waterproof case, or pay for a locker if the waterpark offers some.


How Much does Aquaworld Budapest cost?

According to their official website, here’s a breakdown of Aquaworld ticket prices

 Tickets06am-22pm3-Hour TicketMonday – Friday
Children 3 – 10y$10$8$5$5
Toddlers 0 – 2yFreeFreeFreeFree
Family 2+2$55NilNilNil
Family 2+1$46NilNilNil
Family 1+2$39NilNilNil


Between these 7 best waterparks in Budapest, you can never have enough of water fun in the city. Budapest is known for its steep inclination towards water fun, and these parks present you the best water fun experience that Budapest has to offer. They’re ideal spots for family getaways, birthday parties, engagement parties, and just about any form of group hilarity.

They’re also strategically located around the city, so it’s easy to make your way down to them from the city center. They’ll leave you with a memorable experience that’ll make you want to keep going back for more.

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Which Budapest waterpark is the best for adults?

Aquaworld is the best waterpark for adults in the city thanks to its combination of huge waterslides and socialite activities like night pools and foam parties. It also enables longer stays with a hotel in the backdrop of the pools where you can hang around for many rounds of water splashing.

Which waterpark in Budapest is the best?

At a highly competitive price, Aquarena gives you access to a wide variety of water fun amenities over a massive landscape. It’s also in close proximity to the Hungaroring racecourse and Pest’s border, where you can stop by for more loads of fun.

How far is Aquaworld Resort from the center of Budapest?

Aquaworld is about 11 km away from the city center. It can take you about 13-15 minutes to commute between the two locations. However, sometimes, you might be lucky enough to find a free shuttle from Aquaworld to the city center and vice versa.

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