The 9 Best Shisha (Hookah) Bars & Lounges in Budapest – BP Tour Hub

Budapest’s lounges offer a unique night out with authentic Hookah experience. With many of bars or cafes in the city centre to choose from, you won’t be disappointed – as we’ve hand-picked some of the best ones for you. Choose … Read More

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Complete English Breakfast in Budapest: The Best Spots

With tourism growth of 3 times the EU’s average, Hungary welcomes more and more visitors, so is the demand for services rapidly growing. If you visited Hungary 4 years ago, you’d be one of roughly 800 thousand Brits who stayed … Read More

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For Muslim visitors to the city of Budapest, their interest spawns beyond the general tourist attraction spots. Many buildings in Budapest bear the influence of the distinguishable Ottoman architecture due to the city coming under the control of Islam in … Read More

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Segway Tour in Budapest: 7 Reasons Why To Do It Here

You’re planning your holiday to Budapest and would love to do sightseeing, see the attractions and learn more about the area. The best way how to experience it is with us, on Segway! Why? Well, keep reading and you will … Read More

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The 8 Best Gyms in Budapest

Are you looking for the best and cheap gyms in Budapest with daily pass? Trying to find some cheap gyms in Budapest? Are you visiting Budapest and it’s hard to find gyms with daily pass? Well, then you have to come to … Read More

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The best 5 places to exchange money in Budapest

As an adjunct lecturer, I heaved a sigh of relief as I rounded off all exercises pertaining to the just concluded academic session and began preparation for the holiday period. Since I have minimal responsibilities during the holidays, I was … Read More

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13 Amazing Local Nightclubs and Bars in Budapest

You may be wondering on what places, pubs, bars to visit on your trip to Budapest. Well, don’t worry – the party goes on. According to the List of the Best European Destinations study released earlier this year by Forbes … Read More

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