Budapest’s Best Bistros | 7 Best Restaurants & Bistros Right Now


Welcome to the Hungarian Bistros List, our handpicked ‘best of Budapest’s dining scene. These are the tastiest restaurants and bistros in the city right now: the freshest, most inventive and most memorable, reviewed by locals and visitors.

The term ‘’Bistro’’ comes from French referring to a ‘’cheap restaurant’’ for working-class locals, who used to dine and drink after a hard day at work.

Yet 130 years later, nowadays there is a wild range of what Bistros are known for – luxury restaurants serving particular type of food, small cozy home atmosphere restaurants, and more.

All in all, bistros combine great gastronomy and affordable food, and are worth a visit on your Budapest wonders!

Here is the list of Best Budapest Bistros And Restaurants Right Now.

Kispiac Bistro

Limited with only 20 available seats, Kispiac Bistro resembles house atmosphere rather than a usual restaurant.

Reasonable prices and generously sized portions make this place one of the most popular among locals and visitors in Budapest.


In addition, this lovely bistro is professional on home soil, making one of the best Hungarian dishes.

Address: Budapest, Hold u. 13, 1054


Looking for ruin bar experience? Then “Most” should be on your list!

Located in the 6th district of Budapest, Most fascinates its customers with cheap prices and delightful food.


Don’t miss place’s famous Goulash Soup and Chicken Paprika which happen to be traditional dishes of Hungary.

Address:  Budapest, Zichy Jenő u. 17, 1066


If you like big food for small prices, then out-of-the-way Pléhcsárda is the place for you.

 The food stand is far from fancy and orders are placed at the counter (think roadside shack). The one person staff speaks limited English, but the food is as traditional and hardy as it gets.


Schnitzel is the size of an average human head so make sure that you are extremely hungry!

Address: Budapest, Kolozsvár u. 48, 1155

Fakanál Restaurant

Visiting biggest market hall of Hungarian capital is a must do!

Situated on the 2nd floor of the famed Central Market, Fakanál Restaurant offers all of the classic Hungarian dishes from Goulash to Beef Stew.


Although, it’s a self-service restaurant, its wonderful “street-food” atmosphere, colorful style and loud music played by musicians makes it a place to be.

Address: Budapest, Vámház krt. 1-3, 1093

 Pesti Disznó

This stylish bistro in the center of Budapest serves a diverse menu that transcends a name that literally translates to ‘’Pest Pig’’.

Without a doubt and living up to the restaurant’s piggy name, the Crispy Pork Knuckle with Roasted Sour Cabbage and Mashed Potatoes is a signature dish.


Despite its name, this wonderful place serves not only pork. Chicken, fish, beef, duck certainly sounds like a heaven for meat lovers!

On the other hand, vegetarian options are more limited to soups and salads.

Address: Budapest, Nagymező u. 19, 1063


The only restaurant In Budapest with two Michelin Stars.


Ádám Mészáros is a Chef, an expert with French technique, makes sure your meal will be perfect. Luxury atmosphere along with fine-dining experience can’t really go wrong. Expect huge variety of dishes to choose from, ranging from fine meals as lobster with ravioli, to perfectly cooked and served goose liver.

Onyx is certainly not cheap, although affordable, yet still good sum is expected to be spent.

Address:  Budapest, Vörösmarty tér 7, 1051


Borsso is located in the downtown of Budapest, right next to Karolyi Garden.

Dishes there are a perfect mix between traditional Hungarian cuisine and French kitchen.


The vintage, wood-dominated, old-school interior holds no surprises, though it is undoubtedly elegant, and, paired with the modernized dishes, creates a paradoxical vibe, while according to the Bistro itself:

‘’At our place you will not find any waiters. If You visit Borssó, your server will be your host.’’

Address: 1053 Budapest, Királyi Pál utca 14.


MAK Bistro, situated right next to well-known Chain Bridge, famous for its unique style.

Pure brick walls, wooden vintage furniture, in all the best traditions.


The menu is mainly based on Hungarian and Austro-Hungarian cuisine, although other international flavours are also to be experienced.

Place Is usually crowded, so reservation is recommended.

Address: 1051 Budapest, Vigyázó Ferenc utca 4.

What was your favorite Hungarian Bistro experience? Let us know in the comments!

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