Complete English Breakfast in Budapest: The Best Spots


With tourism growth of 3 times the EU’s average, Hungary welcomes more and more visitors, so is the demand for services rapidly growing. Say if you were British and visited Hungary 4 years ago, you’d be one of roughly 800 thousand Brits who stayed overnight or more. In 2019, you’d be one in more than a million visitors!

And due to this fact, many British-style pubs, restaurants and bars can be found in the city for you to enjoy typical meals or drinks. (Or a night out).  All of that, of course, according to Budapest’s average prices.

Although Hungarians aren’t big fond of big breakfasts, they will still make sure to start the day right with fresh Hungarian (sweet) pastry, or a bread with sausage, ham, local cheese or a jam, which usually comes with cup of tea or coffee.

Packed with flavour, full English breakfast would incorporate Fried eggs, Sausage, rashers of bacon, baked beans black pudding, grilled tomatoes, toast and a mug of strong tea.

Slight variations would include eggs, fried bread, mushrooms and white pudding. Coffee doesn’t usually have a place next to it, but we wouldn’t begrudge anyone having it.

Let’s see the top Spots that offer English Breakfast in Budapest.

Budapest Bisztró

‘’English Breakfast’’ – HUF 2550 (€ 7.75)

Budapest Bisztró, Budapest, Vécsey u. 3, 1054

This buzzing restaurant and one of the best traditional Hungarian Bistros, and is definitely worth the expense. They are well known for their traditional Hungarian Goulash Soup and other local classics, but turn out awesome full English too.

With their great portions, welcoming stuff and fresh and quality ingredients such as fried eggs, bacon, grilled tomatoes and sausage, baked tomato beans, hasbrown, mushrooms served with tea fresh juice or a coffee, this is your place for a full English Breakfast not to miss.

Their breakfasts/brunches are served on weekdays  from 07:30 untill 12:00 and weekends from 09:00 untill 14:00.



‘’English Breakfast’’ – HUF 2180 (€ 6.59)

Fruccola Kristóf Square, Budapest, Kristóf tér 3, 1052

The breakfast menu at this lauded, somewhat healthier style fresh bar style restaurant covers the usual eggs (scrambled, boiled with soldiers, omelettes), to American-style pancakes and waffles with different topings.

 The full english breakfast costs € 6.59 (English sausage, baked beans, grilled mushroom, tomato, bacon and sunny side up egg) and if you feel extra hungry, you can order extra any ingredients or choose for example extra salad –  and if you’d prefer something a little lighter (actually, a lot lighter), their variety of organic fresh salads or juices won’t leave you hungry.


Jack Doyle’s Irish Pub

Full Irish breakfast – HUF 3100 (€ 9.99)

Jack Doyle’s Irish Pub & Restaurant, Budapest, Pilvax köz 1-3, 1052

Its breakfast has all the classics Irish Breakfast meats – bacon, sausage or pork, as well as typical fried eggs, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms, black pudding, and toast.

This truly fulfilling portion of Irish breakfast is usually enjoyed with strong tea, but you may wish to make an exception as there’s also an impressive set of whiskies if you want to make that coffee a little more – as they say – Irish.


BB’z Bar & Grill

Full Irish breakfast – HUF 3100 (€ 9.99)

BB’z Bar & Grill, Budapest, Király u. 15, 1075

Being ranked #13 of 2,871 Restaurants in Budapest on TripAdvisor As of March 2020, their wide range of services shouldn’t disappoint, as well as ”Angol Reggeli” which translates to English Breakfast from Hungarian, features bacon, sausages, perfectly fried eggs, beans, toasts and of course you can add-up any of the ingredients mentioned above.

We bet you won’t have a place for anything else after their full English. Being open on Monday through Thursday and Sunday from 12:00 noon – 02:00 am, and Friday and Saturday from 12:00 noon till 04:00 am.


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