Segway Tour in Budapest: 7 Reasons Why To Do It Here


You’re planning your holiday to Budapest and would love to do sightseeing, see the attractions and learn more about the area.

The best way how to experience it is with us, on Segway! Why?

Well, keep reading and you will soon find out.

You’ll see so much from the back of your Segway, learn insightful facts about Budapest from your informative tour guide, and you’ll also have loads of fun.

If you are still concerned, keep reading. We made a list of 7 reasons on why to do Segway Tour in Budapest.

See in this post:

  1. Our guides are friendly professionals
  2. It is fun and educational
  3. Comfortable and flexible private tours
  4. There are plenty of panoramic views
  5. Get a full Tour of Segway riding
  6. Full training provided until everyone learns
  7. Stunning photo opportunities

Reason #1: Our tour guides are friendly professionals

Having a good or an awesome tour guide makes all the difference, hands down.

Our stuff, whether it’s tour guides or other office employees, are hand-picked and love what they do.


At Budapest Tour Hub , we rely on customer satisfaction and listen to our guests – and make sure all our stuff is delivers excellent service – with us you will feel comfortable, safe, and secure from the very beginning to the end.


Reason #2: It is fun and educational

Especially in Budapest.

Hungarian Capital is a perfect city to be explored on Segway.


Our hand-picked routes are the proof. Wide streets, pedestrian free bike-paths, open are parks, car free routes and more are all perfect fit to be ridden through on your tour safely while having fun.


And your private tour guide takes you on one of our routes, adjusts the pace and itinerary and provides insightful commentary as you glide past Budapest’s sights and monuments, so you won’t miss anything!

Reason #3: Comfortable & Flexible Private Tours

Want a Segway Tour Your way? Did you hear or read about someplace in Budapest that you really want to visit and see?

We can make that happen. Feel free to contact us via private inquiries to discuss the details so we can tailor the perfect VIP experience for you.

Reason #4: Get to see Plenty of Panoramic Views

Budapest is a beautiful city, no doubts.

And it’s even more from above, because of its skyline views of the Pest side which is separated by the stunning Danube River.

We will show you all the top views of hilly Buda Side to be admired on our Classic City Segway Tour, the best photo-ops are guaranteed! Save your legs, why to spend a day just to walk up when you can have fun while still enjoying being outside on a fresh air?

Did You Know?

No buildings are allowed to stand at over 96m tall in Budapest, meaning the city’s historic skyline allows for all the sights to be easily seen. If you want to see why, follow this.

Reason #5: Get a full tour of Segway riding.        

If we say our tour is 2-Hour long, that is how long you actually get to ride your Segway. We won’t waste your time watching a safety video or insist you stop for a unnecessary break. You’re here to enjoy the Segway and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing for the full length of your tour.

Rest assured, our tours are designed to showcase the best city’s hotspots, follow cycleways and bike-paths and our guest barely get to ride on the roads. Safety is our #1 priority as well as having fun and we strive to deliver top experience to each of our guests. Get comfortable and let’s rock’n’roll!

Reason #6: Everyone gets a full Segway Training until feeling comfortable

If it is your first time on Segway, then rest assured, it is matter of couple minutes until you get comfortable.

99% of our guests find it very intuitive. ”It is much easier then i expected” or ”I’ve become 5-minutes into the tour” is what we hear on our tours the most.

 You will have full training session before the beginning of your tour and your experienced tour guide will provide a one-on-one Segway training where everyone learns. The tour doesn’t depart till everyone feels fully comfortable.

Reasons #7: Stunning photo opportunities

On a Segway Tour, you’ll have so many opportunities to take some amazing photos, capturing your trip to Budapest while creating some amazing memories.

And your tour guide will make sure you won’t miss the best photo-spots and have some memorable photos to share with your friends and family!

Bonus Reason #7+1:  Ride your Segway in Budapest at night!

From scenic views, to fascinating architecture, famous buildings and lively streets, there’s so much to capture!


Time-lapse View of the Chain Bridge with Clark Ádám Square.

Once the sun sets, the lights in Budapest go on, which is a truly amazing experience. It feels like you are suddenly in a completely different city then in a daylight as it gives you a special perspective of the city when everything is colourful and illuminating.

No wonder some of our guests say they enjoyed Budapest at night even more than in a daylight.

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