The 8 Best Gyms in Budapest


Are you looking for the best and cheap gyms in Budapest with daily pass? Trying to find some cheap gyms in Budapest? Are you visiting Budapest and it’s hard to find gyms with daily pass? Well, then you have to come to the right place and read the article till the end. 

Let’s talk about fitness and workout! Some people are crazy about their fitness and health. That’s not a bad thing, after all. Fitness and exercise give your body shape and helps in decreasing the health risks. If you’re a gym enthusiast and about to visit Budapest then read this article till the end to find more luxuries, advanced, friendly gyms in Budapest. There are so many cheap gyms in Budapest, and people wonder which one to choose. In this article, we’ll review the eight best gyms in Budapest.

Mecca Gym


Mecca gym is one of the top-rated gyms in Budapest. It has an inclusive atmosphere which gym enthusiasts will love. The staff of Mecca gym is friendly and helpful. All the trainers are professional and friendly. It makes it one of the best gyms for newcomers. The Mecca gym has both high quality and standards. It has spacious spaces and professional air technology. Mecca Gym has varies type of gym equipments to use.

Price & Packages

The Mecca gym offers a variety of packages with different rates. These packages include unlimited access, daily, monthly, semiannually packages. The Mecca gym also provides various packages for students, women, and retired.

  • Daily Pass: 1800 FT. (5,5€)
  • Unlimited Monthly Manpackage is worth 15,900 FT.
  • Monthly female, retired package with unlimited access is worth 14,900 FT.
  • Unlimitedpackage for Students is worth 13,900 FT.
  • 10 Entriespackage for men is worth 13,900 FT.
  • Women, student, and retired ten entriespackage are worth 12,900 FT.
  • 3-monthly menpackage with unlimited access is worth 43,700 FT.
  • Female, student, and retired 3-monthlypackage with unlimited access are worth 40,700 FT.
  • 6-Monthly menwith unlimited access package are worth 79,500 FT.
  • Female, student, and retired 6-monthlypackage with unlimited access are worth 72,500HFT.

Opening Hours

The Mecca gym opens early in the morning and closes at midnight. The timings of Mecca gyms are as follow:

  • Monday to Friday: 06:00 to 00:00 Hrs.
  • Saturday & Sunday: 08:00 to 22:00 Hrs.

Location & Contact

Following are the contact details of The Mecca Gym, Budapest.

Location: 1135, Beke UTCA 21-27, Budapest.

Contact: (06-1) 788-0000, you can also email them at

4% Fitness Gym

4% fitness gym is one of the best and top quality gym in the Budapest. The quality and standard of 4% fitness gym are top-notch. Coaches and training staff of the gym is friendly. They’re available 24×7 to help and guide. 4% fitness gym is one of the best gyms for both advanced and beginners. There are different levels of exercises categorised according to their difficulty. You can choose the beginners level and aim to reach the highest level. Let’s talk about space and equipment of 4% fitness gym. Well, it’s one of the biggest gyms with 1200 sqm area. The 4% fitness gym offers high-quality fitness equipment. Brands like Cybex, Hoist, and life fitness are available to meet your fitness needs.

4% Fitness Gym Class available daily

Price & Packages

The 4% fitness gym offers affordable gym packages. It also provides group training as well. Following are the costs of different sessions provided by the 4% fitness gym.

  • One-time, one session fee is worth 1490FT.
  • For students: 30 days and 30 sessions are worth 
  • Four sessions/4-sessions are 5490FT; the package is valid for 45 days only.
  • Eight sessions for 8-times cost 9990FT; the package is valid for 45 days only.

Group training packages are also available, which are as follow:

  • One-time group session costs 1490FT.
  • Thirty days with thirty-day pass is worth 9990 FT; package includes group training and gym.
  • The 4% training session is worth 1800 FT.
  • 30-days with 30-days pass of 4% training costs 13200FT; package includes group training and gym.
  • Four sessions with 4-sessions cost 6400FT; the package is valid for 45 days only.
  • Eight sessions with eight times cost 11200FT; the package is valid for 45 days only.

Opening Hours

4% fitness gym opens in the morning and closes before midnight. The timings of the gym are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 07:00 to 22:00 Hrs.
  • Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 to 21:00 Hrs.

Location & Contact

You can reach the 4% fitness gym on the following details:

Location: 16 Raday and Erkel street corner.

Contact: +36306436798, you can also email them at

Fitness 2000 Gym

Fitness 2000 is one of the best and cheap gym in Budapest which features a sauna. This quality gym has friendly staff and trainers. You can also hire a personal trainer for your fitness and workout. Fitness 2000 also offers free coaching advice. The fitness 2000 gym offers aerobic workouts, martial arts training, and gym. It also provides a sauna and masseur. If you’re free from your workout, you can use the sauna to relax and give your body some time to heal. Let’s talk about equipment at the fitness 2000 gym. All the equipment and workout products are of high quality. The fitness 2000 gym has produced 75 world champions which speaks volume of the performance and quality of the gym.

Price and Packages

The fitness 2000 gym offers different rates for different services. Here are the gym rates of fitness 2000:

  • Daily ticket is worth 1000FT, while monthly rent for 3-weeks costs 8500FT.
  • Monthly rent for 7-weeks costs 9,990 FT.
  • 7-weeks monthly rent package for police officers costs 8500FT.
  • Daily ticket for students and pensioner’s costs 800 FT.
  • Monthly rent, 3-weeks package for students and retired costs 5500FT.
  • 7-weeks monthly rent package for students and retired is worth 8500FT.

Opening Hours

The fitness 2000 gym opens early morning and closes before midnight. Timings of the fitness 2000 gym are:

  • Monday to Friday: 06:00 to 22:00 Hrs.
  • Saturday: 8:00 to 20:00 Hrs.
  • Sunday: 10:00 to 20:00 Hrs.

Location & Contact

Following are location and contact details of the fitness 2000 gym.

Location: 1203, Serenyutca 2, Budapest.

Contact: +361283-78-65,

Flex Gym

Flex gym is another brilliant gym in Budapest. It offers a wide variety of services which gym enthusiasts will fall in love with.

It has a bodybuilding section, which aims for athletes who want to build their body and muscles to perfection and includes latest machines which help you with your overall body development. Flex gym has a dedicated section for a cardio workout, and they call it the cardio park – and it offers wide variety of different cardio trainings. You can measure your performance in R-med performance lab on the latest machinery which helps out in your progress performance. 

You can also look forward to a street workout section which allows you to exercise outdoor on Hungary’s tallest rope climbing. And there is more that Flex gym has to offer, such as a section of functional training on its third floor, while this workout features two artificial turf workout tracks. It also features Flex’N’Fresh restaurant. The menu is handpicked by nutritionists and top-athletes, so you will be able to maintain your diet. Flex gym also offers massage for sport-related injuries. If you get injured during a workout or you have headaches or arthritis, flex massage will take care of you the best way possible.

Price & Packages

Flex gym offers a variety of packages for adults and students. The prices provided by flex gym are:

  • One-time adult fee is 2500FT.
  • Two-times charges for adults are 4000FT and 3600FT for students. The validity of this package is 2-weeks.
  • Ten-times for adult’s costs 16,000FT and 14,000FT for students. The validity is for seven weeks.
  • One-year package for adults is worth 180,000FT and 160,000FT for students.

Opening Hours

The flex gym opens early morning and closes before midnight. The timings of the gym are:

  • Monday to Friday: 6:00 to 23:00 Hrs.
  • Saturday: 8:00 to 22:00 Hrs.
  • Sunday: 8:00 to 20:00 Hrs.

Location & Contact

Following are the location and contact details of the flex gym:

Location: 1012 Budapest, 17 Marvany Street.

Contact: +36 1 2020070, Email:

Arnold Gym & Sports Center


Arnold gym and sports center offers its services for over 25 years. It is one of the finest gyms in Budapest. The Arnold gym and sports center offers both fitness and wellness services. The fitness services include a gym, aerobics, cardio workout, and squash. Wellness services of Arnold gym include a sauna, massage, solarium, and cosmetics. You can work out in the gym and have a relaxing massage as well. It also offers personal trainers, personalized diets, and unique workout plans. The equipment in Arnold gym is of high quality which will help in your bodybuilding goals and losing a few pounds. They have a great team of fitness and personal trainers, and apart from that, you can sign up for martial arts training. If you’re into martial arts, Arnold gym will be your pick.

Price and Packages

Arnold Gym offers different rates for different services. Following are the prices of Arnold gym center:

  • One-time entry costs 1590FT.
  • Price of the monthly package is worth 13,990FT.
  • One-time entry for students and pensioner’s costs 1350 FT.
  • Price monthly package for students and pensioner’s is worth 18,990FT.

These rates include the price of a Finnish sauna, steam cabin, and infra sauna.

Opening Hours

The timings of Arnold gym are:

  • Monday to Thursday: 09 am to 8 pm.
  • Friday: 05 pm to 8 pm.
  • Saturday: closed.
  • Sunday: 08 am to 07 pm.

Location & Contact

Following are the location & contact details:

Location: 1037 Budapest, SzepvolgyiUt 15.

Contact: +36 12504052

Fitness Five and Gym 

Fitness five and gym is one of the popular gyms in Savoya Park, Budapest. If you’re a gym enthusiast and visiting/live Budapest, FitnessFive is definitely a gym to consider. They’ve got professional trainers and friendly staff who are happy to help you exploring the gym for a first time. Over 1650 square meters large, its is the biggest gym near Savoya Park area. They offer fitness services like life fitness, Precor, live pro, and cardio machines. Fitness five also offers group lessons, you can purchase tickets to their Finnish sauna, and the gym features buffet for their members, which includes supplements, drinks, and utensils.


Price and Packages

Fitness five offers different prices and packages. Following are the prices of fitness five gyms:

One-time fitness five gym costs 1490FT for adults and 1290FT for students and retired.

Ten-times fitness five gym costs 9990FT for adults and 8990FT for students. This package has 45-days validity.

The monthly unlimited package costs 11490FT for adults and 9990FT for students.

Three months unlimited package is worth 29990FT for adults and 26990FT for students.

Opening Hours

If you’re wondering about the opening hours. Here’s the timing of fitness five gym:

  • Monday to Sunday: 06 am to 10 pm.

Location & Contact

You can visit and contact the fitness gym on the below-given details:

West Fit Gym


If you’re visiting Budapest and living near Jokai Street Budapest and looking for a gym then the west fit gym is the best in the area. The staff of west fit gym is friendly, and you’ll enjoy your time at the west fit gym. The west fit gym offers Cybex and Technogym machines for a hardcore workout. There are plenty of weights and benches available for exercise. They also have a cardio hall which contains different equipment for cardio exercises. The west fit gym’s cardio hall offers treadmills, bikes, and Technogym machines for a cardio workout. The west fit gym offers TRX room. TRX room contains kettlebells, suspension trainer, and rope trainers for a full-body workout.

Price and Packages

West fit gym offers different prices and packages. You can get a full list of the expenses from their website. Here are some of the prices which you’ll love:

  • Daily pass costs: 1690 FT (5€)
  • Monthly pass for student’s costs 10990 FT.
  • The six-month pass costs 59900 FT.
  • Student pass for six months is worth 54900 FT.
  • yearly pass is worth 99,900 Ft.
  • An annual pass for student’s is worth 88,800 FT.

Opening Hours

The west fit gym opens early morning and closes before midnight. Here are the timings of the west fit gym:

  • Monday to Friday: 06:00 to 22:00.
  • Saturday & Sunday: 08:00 to 20:00.

Location and Contact

You can reach the west fit gym on the following address and number:

SuperGym Sport

Are you visiting Budapest and looking for a gym near Hajos Budapest? Well, look no further! . It offers different services, and they also sell supplements. If you want to lose weight or build your body, SuperGym is the best gym in town. Their trainers are professionals, and their staff is friendly. They have all the equipment you need for fitness and workout. SuperGym also offers different classes on exercise and conditioning. You can also signup for one of their classes. If you want to relax after tiring workout, SuperGym offers saunas and Ping-Pong therapist. You can relax and detoxify your body after exercise.

Price and Packages

SuperGym offers different price and packages. Here are the costs of SuperGym Sport:

  • Daily ticket is worth 500FT
  • Students can avail the 30 days pass for 900FT.
  • Adult fitness pass is worth 700FT, which has a validity of 30-days.
  • Ping pong daily ticket is worth 800FT per person.

Opening Hours

Here is the time table of the SuperGym sport:

  • Monday to Thursday: 07:00 to 10:00.
  • Friday to Sunday: 10:00 – 20:00

Location and Contact

You can reach SuperGym sport on the following details:

Location: 1065 Budapest, Hajosutca 25.

Contact: +36 705074404

These were 8 cheap gyms in Budapest with prices of daily passes, monthly and yearly. If you are visiting Budapest, you shouldcheck out these gyms.

What is the best gym in Budapest?

Best Gyms in Budapest

Mecca Gym – 4.7 (286 Google reviews)
4% Fitness – 4.8 (238 Google reviews)
Fitness 2000% Gym – 4.4 (388 Google reviews)
Flex Gym – 4.6 (480 Google reviews)
Arnold Gym & Sports Center – 4.3 – (213 Google reviews)
Fitness Five & Gym – 4.6 (231 Google reviews)
WestFit Gym – 4.3 (117 Google reviews)
SuperGym Sport – 4.4 (79 Google reviews)
John Reed Fitness Budapest – 4.5 (528 Google reviews)

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