For Muslim visitors to the city of Budapest, their interest spawns beyond the general tourist attraction spots. Many buildings in Budapest bear the influence of the distinguishable Ottoman architecture due to the city coming under the control of Islam in the 16th Century. However, records show an earlier interaction with the Muslims dating back to the 10th Century.

Also, the city is nicknamed the City of the Baths due to the preponderance of Turkish bathhouses. With many of these bathhouses date back to the 16th Century. With a rich flow of thermal water adjudged to have healing properties, Budapest with its abundance of bathhouses presents a mix of sightseeing, relaxation, and therapeutic spots for visitors. Intending visitors can find many attractive sites to make their tourism a worthwhile experience.

The next point for consideration for tourists after sorting out their accommodation revolves around finding acceptable foods for nourishment at their destinations. However, adherents of the Islamic faith have certain restrictions in the food they consume. Muslims’ choosiness finds its root in Islam expressly forbidding certain foods for its followers. Thus, for Muslim visitors to the city of Budapest, this article highlights ten halal restaurants to enjoy their meals and have a memorable vacation.  

For Muslim tourists in the city of Budapest, finding their way revolves around finding a point of interest. For Muslims, the Budapest Mosque represents a point of convergence for adherents of the faith, and from there, visitors can access the halal spots around Budapest.    

Restaurant #10: Darband Restaurant

Having a beautiful exterior design with a magnificent view of the Danube River, Darband restaurant lays a substantial claim to being the best Persian restaurant in Budapest. Apart from serving delicious Persian meals, the restaurant serenades its guests with soulful Persian music giving them a swell time at the restaurant. The signature meal at the restaurant is the delicious Basmati rice with saffron served with Persian menthol tea to welcome visitors to the restaurant.

Meal Darband Restaurant Image:

Other attractions include handpicked fresh vegetables and a wide range of menu ranging from Kebab menu to Persian dishes, including desserts and tea menu. The restaurant opens from the hours of 10 am till 10 pm, Mondays to Sunday for walk-in customers, including accepting online orders till 9 pm every night to ensure proper delivery. The restaurant also accepts online reservation for customers wishing to reserve a table at the restaurant.       

Interior View of Darband. Image:

Restaurant #9: Curry House Restaurant

Curry House restaurant remains an excellent location for Muslims tourist wishing to experience the warmth of Indian hospitality. Staffs smile and welcome you with the customary Indian greeting of Namaste taking your order efficiently and orderly. True to the words, Curry House more than just food making the dining experience both enjoyable and memorable.

Meal at Curry House Restaurant

To proof its genuineness the restaurants publicly display and invites visitors for closer inspection of its Halaal certification to put their minds at rest on the compliance of the served foods. With a well decorated and ample space, the restaurant can comfortably cater to family visitors and offer a relaxed ambiance for all visitors. Taking a taste of their delicious buttered chicken spiced with the chicken curry provides a heavenly taste.  

Interior Curry House

Restaurant #8: Mughal Shahi Restuarant

This entry is for the lovers of Pakistani food. Although smaller than some competitors, the Mughal Shahi restaurant compensated for its small size with a unique service. Run by a family, the Mughal Shahi restaurant provides visitors with a feeling of coziness. Although their delicious homemade food can sometimes be expensive, the restaurant ensures each customer receives the royal treatment. Waiters also make sure to explain the benefit of each item on the menu.


Restaurant #7: Rajkot Palace Restuarant

Truly palatial in its size and splendor, the Rajkot Palace prides itself as the biggest Indian restaurant in Hungary. Located in a plush surrounding, the Rajkot Palace oozes class and respectability for tourist wishing to dine at this restaurant. The Rajkot Palace combines a set of pleasure with business aura coupled with the spacious nature of the restaurant; it allows Rajkot to accept a wide range of gathering.  

With a wide range of services such as catering for birthdays, weddings including private and corporate events, the Rajkot Palace covers all bases for Muslim visitors wishing to visit Budapest. The restaurant also caters for tourist groups requiring the delivery of specific meals to them in their hotel rooms. Similar to Titiz Restaurant, Rajkot also opens its door past the midnight to accommodate tourist coming into Budapest from differing time zones.   

Meal Rajkot Palace Restaurant

Restaurant #6: Leila’s Cuisine

Ahlan-Wa-Shalan reads the welcoming signpost facing customers as they walk into Leila’s Cuisine. Named after the first daughter of the owner, Leila’s Cuisine prides itself on locally sourcing all materials used in the restaurant doing this to support other local business. Leila’s Cuisine offers the best Lebanese dishes in Budapest prepared by a certified Lebanese Chef, ensuring that every bite implies a promise kept to customers.  

Exterior Leila’s Cuisine

One thing that stands out in the restaurant is the sheer number of Lebanese expats working in Budapest that throngs to the restaurant. This action indicates that it provides an authentic meal to its fellow country people. Also, the restaurant offers vegetarian dishes for those uninterested in animal protein, making sure it caters to the need of its extensive customer base. 

Meal at Leila’s Cuisine

Restaurant #5: Bangla Bufe Premium Restaurant

Providing authentic Bangladesh foods and Halal spot, Bangla Bufet restaurant prides itself in bring homely foods to visitors at affordable price. Also, the restaurant doesn’t carry a lot of varieties on their menu compared to other halal spots. Although the food may look a bit simple, it’s packed with delicious taste and value for money spent. It is advisable that Muslim tourists that are traveling in a group or family order for a takeaway during the rush hours due to the confined spaces in the restaurant.    

Meal Bangla Bufe Premium

Restaurant #4: Saffron Rose Restaurant

Another entry for a Turkish restaurant, the Star Kebab Turkish restaurant offers a unique combination of Turkish and Persian food to customers. Therefore, Muslim tourists entering this restaurant can choose from a more comprehensive variety menu on offer. Customers wishing to try a meal cross from different cultures can fulfill their fantasies at Star Kebab Turkish restaurant from 11:30 am 10:00 pm every day.     

Restaurant #3: Szeráj Turkish Restaurant

Another Turkish restaurant on the list, Szeraj restaurant offers tasty and fresh halal Turkish meals. Offering an extensive menu such as gyros, stews, salads, kebab, and desserts, the chicken gyro and beef doner represents the restaurant’s signature dish. Meals at Szeraj are competitively priced and in most case the cheapest across several restaurants.   


Restaurant #2: Pappa Roti Café

A few meters from the famous Vaci Street in Budapest sits Pappa Roti Café with its signature food being the Mexican Coffee Cake and Bun. Alongside, the restaurant serves its halal menus such as Hummus, Falafel, and Mixed Grills. With opening hours from 8:00 am to 1:00 during the weekdays and 8:00 am to 2:00 am during weekends the restaurant excellently caters to the need of visitors throughout the week.


Also, the restaurant caters to vegans by offering vegetarian dishes to the full complement of the menu on offer. For lovers of Shisha or Hookah, the restaurant offers a whole variety of flavors from apple, lemon, watermelon, grape including strawberry and blueberry providing the complete Middle Eastern meal experience.

Restaurant #1: Shiraz Restaurant

Offering a mix of Indian and Persian dishes made with halal meats, the Shiraz restaurant make the final entry on the list of halal spot for Muslim tourist in Budapest. For the first time, English speaking visitors at the Shiraz restaurant will definitely be in good hands as the communication with waiters will be easy with their fair English skills. Also, the menu is not very limited to halal food but a bit pricey for visitors seeking a bargain in the city centre of Budapest. 



For Muslim tourist to Budapest, this article has listed halal spots to eat and find relaxation after sightseeing the city. Eating experience at any of the above-listed restaurants will remove the nostalgia of longing for homemade meals. For lovers of outdoor eating, Al-Amir restaurant caters to their needs while for those who prefer a nice quiet tucked away restaurant, the Mughal Shahi represents value for money.

What makes food halal?

Halal food is that which correspondent with Islamic law, as described in the word of God – Koran. Animals must be alive and healthy at the time of slaughter and all blood is drained from the carcass and killed in a certain way.

What foods can muslim not eat?

According to the Islamic law, no muslim should eat animals that die by themselves, blood, pork meat (comes from pig), and any other food dedicated to other than God.

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